Women do not have to:



  • be thin
  • give birth
  • cook for you
  • have long hair
  • wear makeup
  • have sex with you
  • be feminine
  • be graceful
  • shave
  • diet
  • be fashionable
  • wear pink
  • love men
  • be the media’s idea of perfection
  • listen to your bullshit
  • have a vagina

This is very true, but it’s important to remember that if a woman is feminine, graceful, shaves, diets, wears make up, or does any of these things in the list, it doesn’t make her a slave to patriarchy or any less of a feminist than you.



harry is the type to:

  • get drunk from apple juice
  • say “thanks u too” when the cashier tells him to enjoy the movie
  • buy flavored stamps
  • say bless u after every single sneeze
  • put red socks in with the white so they turn pink
  • stop the microwave before it beeps when people are sleeping
  • google male pregnancy
  • push someone off a cliff and jump after them to apologize


reasons why halloween is the best holiday:

  1. you are not obliged to visit your relatives
  2. you are not obliged to get gifts for anyone
  3. people will give you candy for absolutely no reason other than halloween
  4. its the only day when its socially acceptable to go out in public dressed like a penguin
"You’re not a drug but oh god I’m addicted"
— (via downfalls)


everyday is a bad hair day for me


I hope the porn blogs following me are learning a lot about social justice